Nikolay Morgunov was born in 1992 in Moscow.

Until the age of 17, he was thinking  about becoming an architect, but then, before  applying to the Faculty of Architecture, he changed his mind and entered the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Fine Arts. Two years later, he was dissapointed in his studying and  left the Academy to focus on a career of artist. His works have participated in many architectural and design projects and were  published in major magazines. In 2017 he moved to Europe (Spain, Barcelona), where he still lives and works. His artwork are a minimalist style that contains predefined grids and spontaneous chaotic graphic sublayers. Basically, transparent grids are applied to the surface, like lattice , but instead of hiding the image, they reveal it. “Each period has many different factors that distinguish it from others: sounds, colors, energy, information ... but I tried to make such objects a trajectory. This trajectory is the trial left by human activity. We can see an intertwining of such trajectories.

There is a contrast between strict, straight lines, which cannot be found in nature, and the occasional natural brushstroke of coal that tries to adapt to the existing rough structure. In addition to these geometric shapes, there is a third substance. A transparent resin that mimics the surface of water, from which incident rays are reflected and refracted in this denser environment, thereby blurring the boundaries of the flat canvas perception, where yellow plays the most important role. Thus, a dichotomy of the real environment arises, divided into the dynamics of life, exuding freshness and life, and abandoned, dry, reminiscent of dust. I do not think that my work is completely abstract, I see it as a game based on dogma and guesswork, capable of transmitting or imitating real samples, emphasizing in them what, in my opinion, is worth paying attention to, which in the end ultimately affects our perception. Sounds, colors, energy, information ... What trajectory are we on now?